Harry McCanna Curates: Get to know Eli Verveine and Ika & Usherenko

Club resident Harry McCanna is curating Room 2 this weekend. Ahead of time we caught up with Harry who has recommended some mixes & tracks by his guests and their labels.

This Saturday (28th January) we’re handing over the Room 2 controls to our resident spinner and NorthSouth Records founding member Harry McCanna for a well-deserved night of eclectic curation. For this curated special, our resident is inviting down Eli Verveine and Ika & Usherenko to soundtrack proceedings.

As co-founder of London label and crew NorthSouth Records alongside Sam Bangura and Dale Mussington, he’s been instrumental as one of the driving force behind NorthSouth’s emergence as one of London's most beloved and respected minimal house and tech imprints. One latest release ‘Brainsurfers - HMSB’ from Harry and fellow label head Sam Bangura, professed an array of wafting melodies, muscular skipping drum kicks, and what RA describe as “tantalizingly sparse” sonics. Off his own back, recent releases from Harry include the daring, swinging and wholly-fun minimal ‘Save Deamen’ released under his Henry Hyde alias on Truly Madly's MINDHELMET label. 

Harry is no stranger to Room 2 - in fact, he’s been finessing his presence in all three fabric rooms for a while now, especially since he joined our club residency programme in 2021. NorthSouth celebrated their 5th Birthday right here in EC1 just last May, and Harry has showcase his versatility and range through solo sets across the club too, recently smashing it during FUSE’s 24+ Hour takeover in December, and opening up Room 1 ahead of Sonja Moonear and Craig Richards in November for another tasty Collisions party. He’s also soundtracked some of our birthday parties, and we can’t wait to see what else his residency will bring, both here at the club and further afield. 

Harry has pulled out all the stops for this next show, inviting down the deep and groovy club sounds of Tardis Records co-founder Eli Verveine, and the duo behind Small Moves Ika & Usherenko. To introduce his curation, we asked Harry to give us the low down on his guests with some key releases and selections from each artist. Dive in for a taste of what to expect when these four play alongside further fabric and scene staples Raresh, Traumer, Georgia and Voigtmann, who joins us for an all-night special in Room 3.

Eli Verveine (Tardis)

I’ve been a fan of Eli’s since I was first pointed in the directions of her mixes by a friend around 2011. Her ability to keep things deep but interesting and always groovy really appealed to me and she further encapsulated this approach with the launch of Tardis in 2015. 

My Picks from Tardis are DJ Jes - Echoes as more of a warmer upper and then Flow’s Boy Girl Action, for something later into the night.

Also, make sure to check out Eli's recent set from fabric Room 1 here where she opened up for the Mind Against mix launch in September 2022.

DJ Jes - Echoes

Flow - Boy Girl Action

Ika & Usherenko (Small Moves)

Ika & Usherenko have been running Small moves as a label and record shop in Tbilisi since 2020, and it was through the label that I first heard of them. We got the chance to meet last may at DEMF in Detroit and the rest is history.

For these two, I’ve gone for a chilled cut by Anderson released on the Small World VA CD in 2021, and then a dancefloor heater from the Post Play EP.

Anderson - Cascady Falls

Post Play - Tell Me I’m Crazy

Harry McCanna, Eli Verveine and Ika & Usherenko play Room 2 on Saturday 28th Jauary. Raresh, Traumer and Georgia play Room 1 and Voigtmann goes All Night Long in Room 3. Tickets below and here.