Houndstooth: Ana Quiroga unearths our deepest energies on new single 'Where It Begins'

The second single from the experimental artist's forthcoming debut album 'Azabache' is out now.

Following releases on Editions Mego as Electronic music duo LCC, and multiple singles and collaborations on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label and Modern Obscure Music, experimental electronic artist Ana Quiroga (pronounced ah-nah kee-ro-gah) is releasing her debut album Azabache (pronounced ah-sah-bah-cheh) on 8th September via Houndstooth. Following the first single from the project ‘Wallada’, Ana today (12th July 2023) shares the project's new single; the mysterious, earthy, and wonderfully sinister ‘Where It Begins’.

Azabache is a deeply personal project from London-based music composer, producer and sound designer Ana Quiroga. Cinematic, experimental and firmly rooted in place, family, and heritage, Azabache is Ana’s first electronic solo album under the artist’s birth name and a monumental piece of personal work. Predominantly crafted in Ana's home studio in Hackney, East London, Azabache blends field recordings with digital and analog instruments. These forces craft a final product that strikes a deliberate balance between the ethereal and organic, and a forward-thinking take on futuristic sound technology.

'Where It Begins' is a ritualistic song that represents those uncanny and mysterious energies that surrounds us. But also, those inner energies that stay with us and we fear to explore. It's heavily drum based, very earthy, working as a mantra and inviting to explore our tantric energies…” – Ana Quiroga

The drum-based track ‘Where It Begins’ is the next single from the album and is out now following Azabache’s first single, the captivating ‘Wallada’. Reflecting the earthy and ritualistic nature of the entire project, the track sets out to explore our deepest energies and radiates with an unignorable sonic pulse. Following the trend of the album, which works to emphasize the significance of magick in self-discovery and the exploration of the extraordinary, the song is ritualistic in nature. Ana describes it as representing the energies within us that we are yet to explore, but are nonetheless present deep within us.

Listen to the single here.

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Azabache – Ana Quiroga. © Original Artwork by Estela Oliva. Written, composed, produced and pre-mixed by Ana Quiroga Olavarrieta. Mixed by Paul Corley / Mastered & cut by Matt Colton at Metropolis, London. Graphic design by John Philip Sage.