Houndstooth: Listen to Scintii's wistful and captivating new single 'tanabata' featuring Charity SsB

It's the second single from a forthcoming EP set for release on 5th January 2024.

Scintii has released her next single on Houndstooth — ‘星火 tanabata’ – featuring Charity SsB is out now alongside some powerful new visuals. The track has been co-produced by Soda Plains (Alexis Chan) and Scintii (Stella Chung) and comes ahead of the full four-track EP  ‘wetlands, harbours… and stations in between’ which arrives on 5th January 2024 via fabric sister-label Houndstooth.

A collaborative track about letting go of insecurities, ‘tanabata’ features Shanghai artist and longtime friend of Scintii, Charity SsB. 'wetlands, harbours… and stations in between is a sonic offering from an artist whose sound takes inspiration from two cities she has previously called home, London and Shanghai, whilst at the same time being rooted in neither. The EP traverses Scintii’s wistful style, opening us up to a captivating blend of synth-driven electronica, and moody, atmospheric beats.

Listen to 'tanabata' now and pre-order the EP.


With such instantly recognisable vocals, and a sound that is rooted in neither place nor genre, Taiwanese singer-producer Scintii's production marks her out as one to watch. Scintii creates music that is neither obviously for the club nor strictly synth-pop, instead forging a cyber-sleek and moody late-night electronica.

Scintii joined Houndstooth with the EP 'Times New Roman' out in September 2020, her first release since her second EP Aerial/Paperbags on SVBKVLT in 2018. ‘Times New Roman’ offered a step up from the wistfulness of her previous EPs, to a tougher, deeper sound. Her next project continues with a signature wistfulness, with an occasional harder-edged tone too, dream-like synths and airy vocals seep throughout, making this a truly unignorable next step in the artist’s growing and highly exciting ongoing catalog.