Houndstooth: Manni Dee's club-ready remix of SCALER - 'New Symbols' is out now

"Think Dan [Avery] put it best when he said it's "gonna rip your ears off..." – SCALER

Bristol four-piece SCALER (fka SCALPING) share a new remix of their recent single “New Symbols”. Multi-disciplinary DJ, artist and producer Manni Dee delivers an accomplished reworking of the original track. As well as the rework, out now on Houndstooth, the band are excited to share that they have been invited by Mary Anne Hobbs to perform live at the legendary Maida Vale Studios on Monday, 27th November which will be aired LIVE on BBC 6 music from 10:30am.

The remix builds on SCALER’s distinct sound, as London-based flourishing electronic act Manni Dee adds a confounding club-orientated take on SCALER’s gritty and pulsating original product. It’s a crafty sonic re-design that takes the sturdy groove and industrial noise of “New Symbols” to an explosive new level that’s more than ready to be sounded out in the club.

"It was a pleasure to dissect all the stems on this remix and go in on them,” comments Manni. “The band are so skilled when it comes to playing and processing multiple instruments, so the parts had a lot of depth to them. I wanted to keep a clubby feel to the track and add a hook to create different sections to flip between."

Manni Dee adds a captivating groove to the track’s original distortions and already hard-hittng sensibilities, illustrating the artist’s versatile take on a variety of genres and sounds and reluctance to pinpoint his own creativity or exist within sonic boundaries. Manni Dee was recently announced to join Houndstooth's sister-label fabric Originals with an upcoming collaborative EP ‘Boundless’ with features from Manuka Honey and Grove - another example of the London-based artist’s continued club-centric creative energy. The SCALER remix then further blends the band’s interactions with club-land and the capital city’s thriving electronic scene – something that was never far removed from the darkly danceable origins of their distinguishable “Bristol’ sound, live style, and production ethos.

“New Symbols” (original cut also out now) was produced by critically acclaimed electronic musician and DJ, Daniel Avery. The single follows SCALER’s recent return under their new name, as well as the recent Avery-produced single "LOAM", which has been on the receiving end of critical acclaim and was recently added to the BBC Radio 6 Music Playlist. "New Symbols" sees the band combine industrial percussion with throbbing bass, glitchy leftfield samples, and colossal synth lines. Speaking on the track Daniel Avery says, "The noisy, younger sibling to ‘LOAM’. This one was alive from the beginning but when asked to fan the flames I happily obliged."

The first single from this project, “LOAM” marked a new chapter for SCALER. As their first release since the band changed their name, it solidified and continued the rough-edged, experimental, techno, and noise fusions that have made this Bristol group so successful to date. Not only is the name new, but their collaboration with Daniel Avery on the production, and now Manni Dee on this heady new remix, has also seen the group lean further and deeper into their club and dance-based influences with two high-calibre and deeply creative electronic music curators.

“It was an amazing experience to work on these tracks in the studio with Daniel Avery and Manni Dee, so to hear Manni's take on New Symbols was super exciting - especially as we'd spent so much time with him on the track already. Think Dan put it best when he said it's "gonna rip your ears off".

Listen now.