In Profile: Domenic represents the sound of Sub Club

In response to the global crisis currently affecting all of us, every weekend we’ll be profiling some of our favourite clubs around the world on a day their dancefloor should be full. Our first entry is Glasgow’s most famous and longest running electronic music venue, Sub Club. Known affectionately as “Subbie” by its regulars, the 400-capacity space is one of the world’s premier nightclubs. Since its opening in 1987, it’s transcended being just another venue to become a beloved cornerstone of the culture, one that's as famous for its distinctive low ceiling as it is its wild, intensely charged atmosphere. Every DJ leaves the place with a story of their own, but they all say more or less the same thing: go to the Subbie if you want a proper party. “For most people there is something bizarre about an empty nightclub. For those of us used to working in clubs, seeing the space empty with no noise and harsh lighting is quite normal, and it actually evokes its own atmosphere. Today, walking into the empty Sub Club felt odd – quite eerie actually. Perhaps it was knowing that this was not a normal empty! We’ll be back better than ever in a couple of months I’m sure, but for now this is the sign of something profound happening to society. Stay safe and look after each other.” – Mike Grieve, Managing Director Domenic, who’s been a Sub Club resident alongside Harri since 1994, prepared a three-hour mix for us to represent the sound of the club. Listen below. Download: Domenic fabric x Sub Club Mix
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