In Profile: Dubtil represents the sound of Club Guesthouse

The next electronic institution we’re profiling is Club Guesthouse, a Bucharest venue that helped lay the foundations for Romania’s famously vibrant electronic landscape. The 400-capacity space has long been the bedrock of Bucharest’s tight-knit house and techno community, hosting a regular rotation of local talents and scene leaders among a small pool of international guests. The sound is as clear as it gets thanks to a Funktion-One system, and as with all of Romania’s best minimal parties, the crowd arrives ready to dance for days on end. “We cancelled our gatherings in the early days of the crisis here in Romania, with the aim of perpetuating responsible preventive healthcare within our community. Since music is the right channel to connect at times of distress, we’ve come up with a safe clubbing approach, doing live streams with local artists every Saturday. A proper mindset can turn difficult times into a gift; needless to say how highly we’re anticipating our comeback.” – Club Guesthouse Club Guesthouse resident Dubtil compiled a mix for us to represent the sound of the venue. Across the 2.5 hour session, the Romanian artist explores various hues of house and techno against a familiar backdrop of subdued and rolling grooves. Listen below. Download: Dubtil fabric x Club Guesthouse Mix
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