JFDR signs to Houndstooth with new single "The Orchid"

Houndstooth announce the signing of Icelandic singer, songwriter, composer & multi-instrumentalist, Jófríður Ákadóttir aka JFDR.

JFDR is our sister label Houndstooth's most recent signing. To celebrate JFDR has shared a video for her new single, “The Orchid.” The song was produced by Ákadóttir alongside Joshua Wilkinson and it's her first release for her new label. View the Joseph Burgess-directed video below.

Ákadóttir states: “I call all my songs orchids. I am obsessed with the flower. It’s a very cunning flower, its beauty has led it to become the most popular plant or flower in the world. It symbolizes (among other things) fertility, and I was thinking a lot about rebirth and a new beginning. Fertility, creativity, beauty and mystery are all embodied by the orchid.”

In addition to releasing 12 solo albums, JFDR is a singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist and has collaborated with Ólafur Arnalds and Damien Rice whilst Björk cites Jófríðu as an inspiration.

The new song was produced by JFDR alongside Joshua Wilkinson, and features synths from Shahzad Ismaily, violin/viola from Viktor Orri Árnason, as well as other contributions from Wilkinson and Jeremy Malvin.

Listen to "The Orchid" here.

Photography: Dora Duna