Keysound Blog Takeover: Double Helix from LHF's Top10 Most Influential Jungle Tracks

LHF’s Keepers of the Light album on Keysound compiles the work of four separate producers: Amen Ra, Double Helix, No Fixed Abode and Low Density Matter. Having previously released a series of three EPs on the label, the album is an expansive 27 track deep look into their soundworld that takes what they laid out on their EPs and runs headlong into an assortment of directions. LHF maybe the collective name for their work but as Keysound boss Blackdown notes on his blog, the inspiration behind what they do, the original message that their music was made to transmit, has become blurred of late. “Lit most recently in London, this energy spread to sound waves and was amplified by the pirate broadcast network infrastructure that flares up at night and transmits in encrypted code. In transmission of that enflamed message, errors were made; mutations occurred and unintentional frequencies were received. The wave’s cycle became a circle: transmission became reception such that notions of then and now, or here and now were no longer distinct.” The four composite voices within it give LHF a very distinct and unique energy that allows their music to exist as one predetermined thing, while individual parts sound nothing like each other. “To focus on the mind on the clan is to miss the heavenly glory that backlights them,” is how Blackdown puts it. “Where they’re from, where they are, where they’re going – this is to be looking in the wrong direction. Instead ask why are you here, how did you get here and where are you going? Their imprecision, their lack of distinction merely reflects the imprecise, ill defined yet wondrous backdrop that surrounds us all. As one LHF fan put it recently: “Make it random, we are all keepers of the light…”” Ahead of the launch party for Keepers of the Light in Room Three tomorrow night Double Helix from LHF has put together a playlist of his top 10 most influential jungle tracks, a style that has definitely informed his sound and a movement that inspired the collective outlook of LHF. Catch LHF launching their Keepers of The Light album in Room Three tomorrow night.
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