News: Saffron announces urgent campaign for support as funding is dropped

The cost of living, government arts cuts and lack of sustained funding post-BLM is leaving non-profit organisations like us without the crucial core investment we need to stay afloat …” - Saffron founder, Laura Lewis-Paul

Today, on International Women's Day, music tech and non-profit organisation Saffron has announced an urgent fundraiser to sustain its ongoing work, as funding is dropped.

As a non-profit organisation, Saffron’s mission has been to advance gender equality in the music tech sector by creating safer spaces for marginalised people to learn, create and grow confidently through forward-thinking technological music creation, DJ and music industry experience. Saffron - and its sister program Mix Nights - have been doing this work consistently for seven years in Bristol, London, Nottingham, Birmingham and globally online.

Today however they have launched an urgent appeal for help are their funding is threatened. In a press release Saffron state, "Over the past few months, a number of other crucial and expected arts grants and income sources for our work in 2023 have not materialised or been cut, and our primary industry donor has departed."

"This has left us in a tight spot. We are now turning to our community to help get us through the next few months, whilst we embed our longer-term plans to make Saffron sustainable."                        

"As a mixed Black Caribbean-led organisation Saffron was eligible for a number of grants sparked by the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. This allowed us to thrive in the short term, but these funds were largely one-off gestures rather than essential ongoing core support."

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In addition to today's news, on a more positive note, we are very pleased to announce fabric will be working with Saffron on some projects together in the near future. More news and details are coming very soon.

Saffron's Impact:

In a release published today (8th March 2023) Saffron outline some of the ways they have made a difference and an impact in the music industury to date:

In  2022 Saffron provided music tech training and community infrastructure for over 1000 people around the world. This included widening accessibility: 

  • 40% access courses, mentoring and memberships for free or discounted
  • 46% are global majority (Black, Asian, mixed ethnicities)
  • 37% have additional support needs, eg. Autism, physical or mental health issues

And generating real impact:

  • 41% of Mix Nights course graduates have gone on to paid gig bookings
  • 34% of radio course graduates have secured their own residency

In 2022, Saffron had 644 course applications for 200 places. 


No matter how small, a one-off or regular donation will go a long way towards fuelling Saffron's core work transforming the music tech industry from the ground up.

Support and donate here.


About Saffron

Saffron’s work focuses on educational courses, online workshops, mentoring, a global members club and an artist development and label platform. We are building a future industry that is inclusive and diverse. Founded in Bristol UK in 2015, Saffron has grown from a one-woman operation to an initiative supporting thousands of people worldwide to find music education and community.

Saffron founder - Laura Lewis-Paul 

“Across years in the creative and music industries, Laura Lewis-Paul has focused her work in and around building communities for underrepresented groups. The growth, experience and persistence in this area exemplifies her want for social justice and change in the music tech industry, with a specific focus on gender and race. Lewis-Paul launched Saffron in 2015 as a non-profit organisation, initially serving solely as a record label. The company has since gained an international reputation for leading the way for thousands of women, non-binary and trans people in music production, sound engineering and DJing.” - Music Week

In addition to today's news, on a more positive note, we are very pleased to announce fabric will be working with Saffron on some projects together in the near future. More news and details are coming very soon.