On sale now: Skee Mask, Frisco, Mira, Jossy Mitsu, Juls & more

Select events in January–March 2023 are now on sale.

Phase one of January–March season events are now live. There's plenty more names and events to be announced when we drop phase two, but for now get on tickets for events with the likes of Skee Mask, Frisco, Mira, Jossy Mitsu, Watch The Ride, Detroit In Effect, Juls, Chris Schwarzwälder, Caleesi and Sara Kreis and more.

Frisco presents 8 Years of The Den
Friday 13th January

Lenzman, Fox, Breakage, Watch The Ride, Zero T & more
Friday 20th January

Mira, Chris Schwarzwälder, Caleesi and Sara Kreis, Heimlich Knüller
Saturday 4th February

AMÉMÉ, MAGA, Anastacia, Hardt Antoine, Elif & more TBA
Friday 10th February

Continuum - 20 Years of Ricardo Villalobos at fabric
Saturday 11th-Sunday-12th February 2023

Jossy Mitsu presents – Skee Mask B2B Oblig, Detroit In Effect, Jossy Mitsu & more TBA
Friday 3rd March

Continuum - more details coming soon

Saturday 11th-Sunday 12th March

FABRICLIVE & VICE present: Juls & more TBA

Friday 24th March

& many more events to be announced...