Now & Then: AMÉMÉ is on the rise

Our time-travelling feature is back. We get transported into the past, present and future of Afro-leaning sounds DJ and producer AMÉMÉ ahead of his fabric debut on 10th February.

One Tribe founder AMÉMÉ is a specialist in Afro-leaning electronica and music that is at once melodic, soulful and nourishing in nature. His music is a mesmerising crossover of temporary deep house and tech, and we’ve been watching carefully as his sound has been captivating dance floors and musical spaces globally.

AMÉMÉ’s origins are perhaps key to understanding his sonics and how they have developed. From an early age Hubert Sodogandj was surrounded by African music culture. Hailing from Benin, West Africa, where the art of voodoo and spiritually generally had a prominent presence in everyday, it’s easy to see how the practices of vibration and connectivity have become core to his work, music and DJing style. You’ll likely find elements of ritual, drums, chants and percussion-filled rhythms come as part and parcel with his sound, making AMÉMÉ a unique and enlightened force in the global electronic music community.

As founder of label and multifaceted platform One Tribe, AMÉMÉ has also been solidifying and starting his ethos throughout the scene, working to, as he puts it “unite the global community”. He also recently landed a stunning Spotify Mix, an eclectic and carefully created example of his curational taste. With such a worldly outlook, and unrelenting drive, we’re excited to see what’s on the horizon for AMÉMÉ, and equally thrilled to be hosting his fabric debut this February.

On 10th February, AMÉMÉ aka Hubert Sodogandj joins us for the very first time. It’s shaping up to be a special show spanning sounds that have been bubbling and rising across the scene as of late. But ahead of all that, we caught up with the West African born musical phenomenon AMÉMÉ who gives us the tracks past, present and future that have inspired his sound.

The Past

Eric Prydz – Proper Education

I have an emotional connection with this track. When I was growing up in Benin and my brother and I discovered electronic music, I used to play it all the time. It’s a classic record with high energy that always makes you happy. I play it often in my sets, and it always works.

The Present

Roberto Palmero – Liwaa

I discovered this track recently and started looking into Roberto and his other records. There is a consistency in his music, and I love his sound; his records are groovy and tribal. I incorporate Liwaa specifically in many of my sets and am never disappointed.

The Future

Notre Dame – Mano Mano Remix

Notre Dame won a remix contest for MoBlack last year, and Mano Mano was one of the most successful tracks they’ve ever had. I’ve been watching him for a while, and he’s not only consistent in his productions but also multi-dimensional and can go from afro-house to melodic house.

Check out Spotify mix below and don't miss him at the club on 10th February.


AMÉMÉ plays Room 1 on 10th February. Plus MAGA, Anstascia, Hardt Antoine with Elif and Unders in Room 2 and GALLiVANTER (All Night Long) in Room 3. Tickets below and