Now & Then - Jennifer Cardini

Our new feature Now & Then asks our favourite artists to look into the past, the present and the future, providing us with a glimpse into the tracks that have played a pivotal role in their musical journey, tracks that are currently smashing in their sets, and tracks from artists who have bright futures.

For the very first edition, we asked Correspondant Records and Dischi Autunno boss and club favourite, Jennifer Cardini to provide the selections.

Jennifer joins us on Saturday 12th February alongside Gerd Janson, Curses, Paramida, Chloe Caillet & more.

The Past.

D'Arcangelo - Diagram VII (80's Mx)

This got a re-release in 2018 but came out in 1996 on Aphex Twin's label Rephlex.
It's epic and emotional and I always have it with me. If you hear me play it towards the end then it means we had a nice time together!

The Present.

Blutch - Poplar – (Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee Remix)

Damon Jee is one of Correspondant's favorite artists, his sound is massive.
Lately Jerome and I have been producing music together and joining forces on remixes like this one for Astropolis Records a few weeks ago.
Expect lots more collaborations from us!  

The Future.

Pablo Bozzi - Night Voices

Pablo Bozzi of course! He is on the rise and his new EP for my second label Dischi Autunno is huge.
His sound stands out. You’ll know it’s him!

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