Now & Then - Sabrina

SABRINA is at the beginning of her musical Journey, and her roots are firmly planted in drum and bass. Although new to the scene, she burst into the frame in 2020 whilst sharping her skills alongside her peers at Printworks, Steelyard, right here at fabric, and countless festivals across the country.

Although considered part of the new generation of drum and bass, having leaders of the scene such of Goldie sing her praises mentioning her skills in the Guardian, whilst publications like DJ Mag list you as 'One to Watch', all this alongside a brand new residency on Rinse FM means Sabrina is an artist at the forefront of carrying the torch forward for a new audience.

It's been a short but fast paced journey so far. Reflecting on how far she's come, and what's in store, SABRINA takes us through 3 of the tracks that fuel that fire.

The Past.

Total Science - Rated X  

What a unique tune this is, You can tell it’s influenced by several genres/sub-genres and has that early 90s rave energy that Total Science did so well around this period, I’m all for that!

The Present.

Marcus Intalex - Red 7  

This track to me is a journey from start to finish. I play it in almost all my sets. It’s over 15 years old yet still gets the crowd going - timeless you could say. I’d say the whole Soul:r back catalogue plays a big part in my musical influences.

The Future.

Two Take - North

Only recently found Two Toke through a mates record label called Motive Hunter. Wicked producer from what I’ve heard so far and each tune gets better and better. I like the different styles he’s playing around with. Gotta mention Djinn too, recently been listening to her music and it’s proper vibes!

SABRINA plays alongside My Nu Leng, MC GQ, LSB, Commix, Chimpo and more on Friday 10th June. Tickets below.