On the Move - Deer Jade

The life of a DJ is rarely one of stillness. Forever in motion across the globe, record bags in hand. For On The Move, we ask our best-loved DJs to stop and pause, asking what they listen to when they’re not picking their set selections.

On 28th May, we're stepping into the world of nomadic and down-tempo techno with some of the top names in the genre. Playing alongside Satori and Be Svendsen, who both present their live shows and club debuts, is Deer Jade – a rising artist whose sonic explorations into the soulful and melodic cosmos of sound, and openness on how travel around the globe has influenced her music, makes her the perfect guest for our next On The Move. 

"I sync all my music library to my phone so I can listen to all my tracks on the go, I get super excited before any trip as I will have plenty of time to listen to all my new finds, getting a feeling of all the fresh tracks and be infused with their energy. It makes all these hours of travelling more fun when simply sitting in the taxi or waiting at the airport, yet dancing super hard in my heart having the best time imagining how the track would be on the dance floor.

"I couldn’t live without my sound cancelling headphones, they are my best travel buddy, and they don’t leave my ears from the moment I leave my place/hotel until I arrive at the final destination, except for one or two long silent minutes when going through airport security. If I’m not listening to some of my latest discoveries, I’ll have a set one, exploring what’s just come out or I’ll be listening to ambient music to relax, meditate and clear my mind as I drift off into another realm." – 
Deer Jade

Otis Redding's 1965 cover of The Rolling Stones' iconic '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction’, a Gerd Janson dub remix of Rheinzand and an ethereal dance floor hit from Kölsch are among her ten selections. Find out what Deer Jade gets down to in her free time.

AFFKT - Jandia

Perfect track to fly sky high, dreaming of heavenly realms!

Oliver Koletzki - Get on the Bus

Fresh Disco-ish song, Feels good every time!

Cioz - Cosmic Noise

Wonderfully well produced track, with a unique atmosphere.

The Organism - Terpsichore

So much energy, makes me want to dance like crazy wherever I might be!

Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island

A good Jazz never hurt nobody!

Rheinzand - Blind (Gerd Janson Dub Mix)

Instant dancefloor uplifter, feels like a cosmic race in between the stars!

Otis Redding - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Got this one from my mum, alongside with many oldies but super goodies. My parents are my biggest source of music inspiration :)

Biesmans - When Will It Stop?

Good question isn’t it?? Biesmans productions are always super charged with energy with that extra dance factor!

Kölsch - Now Here No Where

Always so much emotion listening to/playing this track!

Kora - Sioumi

Listening to this one I feel like I’m crossing gigantic valleys on my horse, playing the flute to the eagles in harmony with all mother nature, perfect song for deep meditations.

Deer Jade plays alongside Satori, Be Svendsen, Elif, Niki Sadeki and Gallivanter on Saturday 28th May. Tickets below and here.