On the Move - Estella Boersma

The life of a DJ is rarely one of stillness. Constantly on the move, travelling across the globe to and from gigs, record bags in hand. But what do our best-loved DJs listen to when they’re not picking their set selections?

Since debuting on Unknown To The Unknown’s Dance Trax label in 2021 with her first EP, Estella Boersman has more than solidified her place on the international techno circuit. Before her return to Room 2 on 30th April we asked the Berlin-based producer to select the ten tracks she listens to when she's not slamming techno, electro and breakbeat in the booth. 

"When I’m traveling I like to listen to music that amplifies how I feel. I grew up with jazz and a lot of electronic music. As a result, on the road, I listen to all different kinds of genres and tracks depending on the space and time I find myself in. I will be sharing some of my all time favourite tunes that have a special place for me." - Estella Boersma

10 tracks that take us on a journey against the grain; from a neo-classical instrumental from The Matrix (1999), an early hip-house fusion classic from Mr. Lee, to a very fresh, mutating drum and bass cut from Aquarian on Dekmantel UFO.

Coldcut - Timber 

The first time I heard this track I burst into tears when the vocal part pops in. This stunning piece just hits the right spot!

Röyksopp - Poor Leno 

This track was featured in one of my all time favourite games SSX3. The amount of hours playing that game and listening to Poor Leno I can’t fathom, trip down to memory lane!

Mr Lee - Get Busy 

Keep it funky! It smells like summer :)

The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive 

This tune gives me such power. It’s so strong, intense and full of fun breaks and beats.

Robert D. - Clubbed To Death (The Matrix Soundtrack)

Absolute memorial big beat bliss from the one and only The Matrix. Walking down to get your morning coffee has never felt this badass.

Galaxy To Galaxy - Jupiter Jazz

A classic! Anything from the High Tech Jazz Compilation is just insane! So groovy, so happy, just simply so good.

Aquarian - Death, Taxes & Hanger

What a Legend, this tune is giving pure bliss and energy! Definitely one for the books.

Ludwig A.F. - Velocity

Velocity takes you on a journey, with slow builds, beautifully evolving pads and outer space breaks. Absolutely stunning.

LTJ Bukem- Watercolours 

What a soundscape! A jazzy dnb tune never disappoints :)

Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage

Couldn’t let this go without mentioning some good old jazz! I grew up with jazz and Maiden Voyage is just one of a kind performed by the amazing Hancock Quartet. Warm and soothing, perfect for a Monday morning rainy day.


Estella joins Alan Fitzpatrick, Ben Sims, NANCY Live and A.S.H on Saturday 30th April. Tickets below and