On the Move - Freddy K

The life of a DJ is rarely one of stillness. Constantly on the move, travelling across the globe to and from gigs, record bags in hand. But what do our best-loved DJs listen to when they’re not picking their set selections?

For our next On The Move, Freddy K takes the reins. The self-described “techno activist” and boss of KEY Vinyl selects the tracks he listens to when he’s not playing or planning his sets. 

"Usually, I listen to some music when I am in the hotel, during the shower or when I'm getting ready. Something that motivates me or just something that makes me feel at home, and definitely not techno. During flights, I usually don't want to listen to music, except if I need to listen to some new demos for my label KEY Vinyl. I prefer watching something instead." - Freddy K

Depeche Mode's cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, post-punk from Sleaford Mods and Billy Nomates, and Ennio Morricone’s theme for Sergio Leone's 1984 classic crime film Once Upon A Time In America all feature. An absorbing selection. Get stuck in.

Sleaford Mods ft. Billy Nomates - Mork n Mindy

I literally love this music duo. They are so real, so unique and so raw. This song always puts me in a good mood, starting to move like a wanker in my hotel room hahaha.

Depeche Mode - Heroes (David Bowie cover)

I love the original and the voice of Dave Gahan is incredible...it always makes me think about a lot of beautiful things we have in life.

Colle Der Fomento - Polvere

My favorite Italian hip hop band, from Rome I grew up with them and I know them personally. This song is one of the most emotional songs I know. It is so deep and it reminds me how we are fragile, the friends lost on the way and that every moment is unique and special.

The Exploited - Cop Cars

Ne-nah, Ne-nah Cops are after me...The Exploited and the hate for the cop cars...always.

B12 - Obsessed

This track and all the album, everything about B12 always makes me feel good. It is part of my musical roots, forever and ever.

Ennio Morricone - Once Upon A Time In America (Deborah's theme)

When I want to have some tears in my eyes...I have to listen to this beauty from the MAESTRO.

Detroit's Filthiest - Pillow Talk

When you're walking or when you are doing something...the best soundtrack. One of my favorite artists and labels Casa Voyager...absolutely another level, soooo classy.

Sleaford Mods - Tweet Tweet Tweet

It is time for pogo!

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

When I am in the mood for beautiful memories...I am so happy that I grew during that time.

Billy Nomates - No

She is sooo good! That British dirty touch that makes me feel good.

Freddy K joins Anastasia Kristensen, Cormac, CEM, Roi Perez & more to celebrate HE.SHE.THEY's 4th Birthday on Saturday 16th April. Tickets below and here.