On the Move - MC GQ

The life of a DJ, emcee, or producer is rarely one of stillness. Forever in motion across the globe, travelling from gig to gig. For On The Move, we ask our best-loved artists to stop and pause, asking what they listen to when they’re not prepping for a set.

Before the mighty MC GQ returns to Room 1 to host My Nu Leng on Friday 10th June, we wanted to know what the Emcee Recordings founder listens to when he's not on the mic. A playlist scoping many of the greats; Stevie Wonder, Mobb Deep, Kendrick, Fleetwood Mac – to name a few. We're falling deep in love with this one.

"When I am on the road to a show either on the train or on a plane I usually listen to a selection of reggae music and real school hip-hop. I also get a chance to listen to all new demos for my labels Emcee Recordings and JustNoyze as I can take time and listen properly to all the tracks sent in. I like to read a lot when traveling so music is vital – never leave home without your headphones. When I am in the car I listen, to soul, broken beats, and US house. At home it depends on what mode I am in, it can go from jazz to anything really, but I’ve always got music on somewhere." – MC GQ

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

I love this track because of the way he wrote this tune and the production levels that make this such a classic.

Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun. 4hero

This tune brings joy to my heart, made by the legendary Reinforced Records dons 4Hero.

Donald Byrd - (Falling Like) Dominoes

Again the production levels and musicality of this track alongside those magical vocals make this a very special tune.

Roy Ayres- Love Will Bring Us Back Together

This tune is from the soul days when my brothers schooled me and that's where I am from.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

This track does what it says on the tin.

Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest

At the time this came out the production, lyrical content, and delivery were above everyone else.

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash - R&S Records

A track that takes me back to when I first started out in the acid house era in 1988. I got to meet him at an early rave event called Hellraiser in Belfast around 1991. Big Tune!

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

Again, musical and vocal production on this always gets me singing, it does what it does.

Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain

I can't explain what this tune does to me but it's always on repeat.

Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE

I love this modern-day lyricist with a conscious vibe and musical richness.


MG GQ hosts My Nu Leng at FABRICLIVE on 10th June alongside LSB, Commix, Staminia MC & more. Tickets below and here.