On the Move - TAAHLIAH

The life of a DJ is rarely one of stillness. Constantly on the move, travelling to and from gigs, up and down the country, and across the globe, record bags in hand.

But what do our best-loved DJs listen to when they’re not picking their set selections? Our new feature, On the Move, asks some go-to sound guru’s to stop, pause, and collate their top picks for travel to and from their gigs.

For our next On The Move, we touch base with Glasgow-based queer artist, and rising club music pioneer TAAHLIAH ahead of her performance at Mary Anne Hobbs’ All Queens takeover (12th March). The boundary-pushing DJ selects her top picks for downtime listening – those go-to tunes for in between gigs and on the go.

Get lost in 10 tracks scoping everything from the dark-edged electronica of Boys Noize, an explosive avant-garde track from Arca, the ghostly vocals of BANKS and yes, even some nostalgic pop in there from P!nk.

"When I’m travelling, I like to listen to music that excites me or brings me comfort. I find myself consistently returning to old favourites, repeatedly listening to one single song or listening to my own music. Train wifi is so unreliable most of the time and phone signal is even worse so usually I am depending solely on my personal music library on my MacBook. The only way to describe my taste is eclectic." - TAAHLIAH

Ethel Cain - Golden Age

Ethel Cain was my artist of 2021, and will most likely be my artist of 2022 too.

AJ Simons - Soap

I first heard this song in an umru DJ set. I have had it on repeat ever since experiencing said DJ set.

Sfire - Sfire1

Technical brilliance. A two year old favourite.

Aamourocean - Ecchi

Pure euphoria. Sleazy, hedonistic and utterly beautiful.

Boys Noize - S&H Disco

A recent discovery, a Soundcloud happy accident.

Doss - Cherry

The best kind of dance music. Infectious and gripping - this song makes me move, even when I don’t feel like moving.

D-Vstor - Brain Killer

A total explosion.

BANKS - What About Love

I’ve been inspired by sadness and love and loss recently. This is a beautifully vulnerable song that clutches at your throat. I like that feeling.

P!nk - Please Don’t Leave Me

I used to love P!nk when I was growing up. My friend Lourdes played this one time in our kitchen and my childhood was instantly brought back.

Arca - Bruja

If you looked up the word ‘kunt’ in the dictionary, this song is what you would find.

Catch TAAHLIAH at the club on 12th March for Mary Anne Hobbs’ All Queens, all-female takeover for International Women’s Day.