Our first fabric wedding!

We had our first wedding at fabric with the stylish music-loving couple Tab and Aidan!

Room 1 was transformed into a beautiful last-supper-style gala dinner, with the wedding party taking over the stage. The couple designed their own custom groovy artwork for our inhouse screens with "Till death do us party'' being one of our favourites.

After the champagne reception and dinner, the party moved to Room 2 where the DJs had everyone dancing all night including the fabulous raving grandparents. The bouquet was thrown from the DJ booth and the newly-weds first dance to Sade's Smooth Operator with fabrics warm, detailed sound system and ethereal lights had us all falling in love.  

It was a pleasure transforming the club & creating one of the most iconic weddings to date if we do say so ourselves. Big thank you to the bride and groom and @salsarose for the fabulous dinner and room 1 transformation.

We caught up with the bride for her full recap of the big day:

"Aidan and I love clubbing and our relationship was ignited on the dancefloor. I even proposed to Aidan at Waterworks Festival 2023, much to his surprise as I had always been a little anti-marriage. It was the summer of Eliza Rose’s “B.O.T.A” and when Job Jobse played it after Aidan had said yes, we yelled our own remix over the chorus “Do you wanna MARRY ME baby?” It became our engagement song and later, the song we would walk down the aisle to as a married couple!

As two London ravers, fabric is the Cathedral of the Clubbing and we’ve had so many fab times there. Before we even met, we each had some of our first ever nights out at fabric - turning 18 and piling in with mates, ending up there after house parties for some decent music at 3am and staring at the booth searching for DJing tips and tricks. As a couple, we would head there together with friends or for our infamous club-date-nights, always bumping into people we know. 

What we both love about fabric is that everyone is there! From the first-time-clubbers to the out-of-town-revellers and after-work-crew to the heads and old school ravers. Whether it was pulling out a crème egg on the dance floor of room 03 whilst stomping to DJ Bone, dragging two unsuspecting disco lovers to bounce about to the bone-shaking sounds of Pariah in room 01, or sneaking a mellow post-work weeknight rave to Paranoid London, fabric has and always will be a temple of our favourite music. I even managed to get all my besties, most of whom do not share my passion for four-to-the-floor, to come and dance for seven hours to Josey Rebelle and the Zenker Brothers after a wild day out for my hen-do!

Not only that, fabric is an iconic venue that is actually perfect for a wedding. It was the impeccable sound and lighting systems and our love of clubbing that initially attracted us to fabric as a wedding venue. But once we got the idea, there were only more reasons that we had to get married there: the gorgeous brick walls and arches, the fabulous mezzanine over room 01, the spectacular staircases most often steeped in warm red light, the comfy and sexy seating in the sunken bar, and, my favourite feature which my sister teases me for even noticing, the iron grate imprinted with the fabric logo at the back of the stage in room 01. Cut to - I’m sitting between my new husband and my dad on that very stage, eating my wedding “breakfast”!

The whole day was filled with moments I will never forget: mine and Aidan’s grannies sitting having a chat in the sunken bar, throwing my bouquet off the sub in room 02, cutting our gorgeous cake under the spotlight, seeing my Dad behind the decks and playing b2b with my new husband. One of our favourite moments was our first dance to Sade’s Smooth Operator - we’ve boogied together in fabric countless times, but never like that! 

All in all it was the perfect day, a literal dream come true and I’m now just waiting for everyone to ask me to do their wedding in fabric!"

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