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Helena Hauff is curating the next compilation on fabric Records

Helena's new single "Turn Your Sights Inward" is out now.

Whilst very little introduction is probably needed, let us offer up one anyway. Helena Hauff, the fierce electro selector and Hamburg-based artist whose background in both fine art and music science have undeniably informed the duality of creativity and reason in both her DJ and production skills, has curated the next 'fabric presents' mix and compilation for release on fabric Records.

Former resident of the esteemed Golden Pudel club and a recent releasing artist on the fabric Originals imprint, Helena has established herself as a selector who prefers playing vinyl, a producer who uses vintage hardware, and a virtuoso of seamlessly handling the crowd. Wherever she performs, her style is significant and recognisable—rough, raw and unshakably adventurous. Attributes perfectly captured in edition of the fabric presents series.

Set for release on 22nd September 2023, Helena has crafted a seamless product featuring tracks from heavy hitters, fabric club regulars, and exciting talent hand-picked by Helena. The compilation promises a journey through steadfast, timeless tracks, punchy electro, breakbeat and techno, and a perfect encapsulation of the raw energy she brings to dance-floors and sound-systems globally.

Today (1st August 2023), a new single from Helena “Turn Your Sights Inward," is out to formally drive us into the throws of the project. And it doesn't disappoint, already getting us warmed up for next month's full release. The mix itself, a thrilling 77 minutes in length, features 19 unrelenting tracks warping in nature, featuring both hammering percussion and squelchy acidic synths. Whilst indicative of Hauff's matured sound, it is also unpredictable in nature, seeking out both structure and chaos with the help of classic tracks like Radioactive Man's “Night Bus To Nowhere” and unreleased gems like Magda Rot's “Alter Simus".

After appearing alongside Helena on NTS Radio back in April for a special B2B broadcast, fabric club regular IMOGEN also adds 'Granular Tears' into the mix, arriving at the mid-point of the mixed version. Nite Fleit's “Naïve" also features, out through Helena's Return To Disorder label and the final track, Autechre's remix of D-Breeze's “Crazy For Love” from 1999, will be digitally available for the first time.

Where dark dystopia meets deeply euphoric, fabric presents Helena Hauff is a meeting of twisted musical minds and pin-point electronic acts.

Available on double vinyl with poster insert, CD & digital on 22nd September 2023.


fabric presents Helena Hauff
Released 22nd September 2023

Mix Tracklist:

1. Helena Hauff - Turn Your Sights Inward [fabric Records]
2. dynArec - Sunken Park [Vaporwave]
3. Clarence G - Data Transfer [Clone Aqualung Series]
4. Slam & Optic Nerve - Machine Conflict [Soma Records]
5. The Exaltics ft. Paris The Black Fu - 10 0seco ndstil lmidn ight (Lorenz.Orx RMX) [Clone West Coast Series]
6. YTP - WHAT U WANT [childsplay]
7. Turk Turkelton - Rock It [Lunar Orbiter Program]
8. Yarn Init - Tripcon II [Clear Memory]
9. Signaltype - In Abyss [Cultivated Electronics]
10. Illektrolab - Overdrive [Satamile Records]
11. Ement - Despite Of Time [PZ Records]
12. Raavel - Wakalaka [Juicy Gang Records]
13. IMOGEN - Granular Tears [Voitax]
14. Radioactive Man - Night Bus To Nowhere [Rotters Golf Club]
15. FJAAK & Tobi Neumann - F-Zero [Spandau 20]
16. Nite Fleit - Naïve [Return To Disorder]
17. Magda Rot - Alter Simus [fabric Records]
18. MicroControlUnit - Save The World (MCU's Apocalypse Mix) [Fundamental Bass Intelligence]
19. D-Breeze - Crazy For Love (Autechre Remix) [D-Breeze]

2xLP Tracklist

A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 D2 D3

A1. D-Breeze - Crazy For Love (Autechre Remix) [D-Breeze]
A2. MicroControlUnit - Save The World (MCU’s Apocalypse Mix) [Fundamental Bass Intelligence] Magda Rot - Alter Simus [fabric Records]
B1. Signaltype - In Abyss [Cultivated Electronics]
B2. Radioactive Man - Night Bus To Nowhere [Rotters Golf Club]
C1. Illektrolab – Overdrive [Satamile Records]
C2. Ement - Despite of time [PZ Records]
D1. dynArec - Sunken Park [Vaporwave]
D2. Helena Hauff - Turn Your Sights Inward [fabric Records]