Skream unveils first official dubstep track in 10 years for release on fabric Originals

The tune features on bass-focused fabric SELECTS II compilation set for release on 12th May.

We're incredibly excited to announce our second-ever in-house curated compilation FABRIC SELECTS II for release via our flagship imprint fabric Originals. And to celebrate the announcement, we're also debuting a very special single today. Skream - aka Oliver Jones - unveils his first official dubstep track in 10 years, the atmospheric and driving 'Summoned'.

Despite being one of the most well-recognised dubstep pioneers, ‘Summoned’ is the artist’s first official dubstep release since 2013’s Skreamizm Vol 7 and is a highly-propelled return to his dubstep roots and an atmospheric introduction to the forthcoming compilation. We first heard ‘Summoned’ when Skream played our London Unlocked live stream showcase during the global pandemic in March 2021 at The Royal Albert Hall, making history debuting the track at the first official dubstep DJ set at the RAH.

We never forgot it, and now it takes centre-stage introducing our new bass-focused project. After SELECTS I’s techno focused compilation, this time around SELECTS II puts focus on bass, featuring a host of the scene’s most creative and forward-thinking producers. The forthcoming 10-track compilation also includes new original music from LUXE, Le Motel & Flowdan, dBridge, Neil Landstrumm and more, exhibiting our own vision of what we reckon the future of bass music sounds like.

‘Summoned’ itself is ladled with grit, determination and a swathe of dirty distorted dubs. Starting with a pulsating beat and ominous sonic stabs, ’Summoned’ progresses with a contorted vocal sample, adding to an already dark and eerie atmosphere. The rhythm is driven by a powerful kick drum and snare, with occasional breaks journeying us through both tension and release. The track's climax features a whopping and welcome bassline, creating a sense of urgency and energy. Ultimately, "Summoned" has Skream’s signature creative production smattered all over it; a well-crafted and captivating dubstep track, well-suited for any late-night dancefloor.

Arriving off the back of a recent FWD show at Printworks, a sold out celebration of dubstep culture, ‘Summoned’ brings quality, unignorable dubstep front-and-centre once again. While the track harks back to Skream’s dubstep origins, ‘Summoned’’s key component is its contemporary relevance and re-asserts, with absolutely clarity, Jones’ position as one of the genre’s key players.

Listen to 'Summoned' here.

fabric Originals
Compilation out 12/05/2023

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LUXE - Duality
Al Wootton
- Remelino
Le Motel & Flowdan
- Wild Guide
- Giada
- Simma
- Summoned
Neil Landstrumm
- Slanj
- Ecstatic Madness
- Inverted
Mani Festo & Prismer
- Slippery When Wet

About Skream

After being a pivotal figure in the early development of the dubstep movement at the age of 16, Oliver Jones, better known as Skream, has surpassed and transcended any limitations that the genre might have offered. Born in Croydon, Skream saw the sound of dubstep grow from its origins in the basements of South London to becoming a global phenomenon.

Reflecting the youthful energy and attitude of the people on the dancefloor, Skream flourished as dubstep evolved. By his mid-20s, Jones began experimenting with bass-driven music and made a switch to a more 4/4 sound, while staying true to his creative ethos. He went on to produce a global number one album with Magnetic Man, several chart-topping records across genres, and his remix of La Roux's 'In For The Kill' remains an all-time classic.

In the post-pandemic world, Skream's creative energy has only increased. His "fuck it" attitude towards musical production has resulted in some of his most innovative work yet. He has returned to his early legacy in the 4/4 world, which he now frequents more often. 'Summoned' on fabric Originals is a perfect example of Skream's unique drive and forthright attitude towards creating insatiable club music.


Date published: 12th April 2023.