Tapefeed Curates: Get to Know – Cressida, Cora Novoa, DJ TOOL & Hyperaktivist

Club residents Tapefeed introduce their selected line-up with one staple production per artist ahead of their curation on 3rd December.

On 3rd December we’re handing over to our in-house techno experts Tapefeed to curate Room 2. Having kickstarted a residency with us last summer, Tapefeed aka brotherly duo Rick Vayo and Alessandro Boni, have been regulars on many a hard-hitting line-up here in Farringdon ever since, and have proved they can serve up a decent crowd at any time of the day or night rounding off, starting off, or closing out events on many an occasion including our non-stop Continuum 24+ hour parties. 

Next month we thought it was about time to hand over a little of the creative control. Off the back of their forthcoming EP on our sister label Houndstooth, set for release on 2nd December, they’re curating a complete club room, as well as playing an anticipated B2B the following evening. While we’ve enlisted the likes of Volvox, Anastasia Kristensen, Blasha & Allatt and DJ Nobu to play Room 1, on Saturday 3rd December its Tapefeed’s well-deserved turn to programme the second room of the night – and they’ve brought together a line-up of fabric debuts for the occasion. From UK sound oriented Cressida, composer, DJ and live act Cora Novoa, to Mala Junta party co-organisers DJ TOOL and Hyperaktivist – we asked Tapefeed to introduce their guests with one stand out or staple production.

“We are really happy for the opportunity to curate the Room 2 line-up on 3rd December in order to offer fabric a platform for upcoming talent.  The blending of different styles and colours has always been at the core of our vision, both in terms of production as well as DJ sets. 

We wanted to express this with our curation and to create a unique story throughout the event. We are therefore inviting artists that share a similar music vision to us, building a coherent musical vibe, whilst at the same time being different in style. Let’s introduce our guests with one of their productions....”

– Tapefeed

Cressida - If Only U Knew [OBSCUUR]

"Jena (aka Cressida) is a real homie - we have known each other for many years. Jena has an authentic UK flavour and driving bass-oriented melodies in his productions and he’s able to translate this smoothly into his DJ sets. This is precisely why we’ve decided to invite him to go B2B with us in December. We share a very similar taste and musical upbringing, and whenever we have done B2Bs in the past in private situations, it has always been nuts. Expect some crazy s*#t."

Cora Novoa - Del Reves [Turbo Records]

"Cora is a music composer, DJ and live performer. We have been following her for quite some time now but we’ve been really blown away by her release on Tiga’s Turbo Recording. She’s fierce, groovy, technical and can use vocals in a very unique way. 

Moreover, she combines her professional career with other professional facets: as an Ableton Certified Trainer, musical content curator, doing masterclasses, or as a collaborator on the radio show “El Labveriento” in the Spanish public radio 3. After hearing amazing feedback about her live set performance at festivals such as Sonar and Mutek, we are extremely excited to host her debut in the UK with her powerful and distinctive live set."

DJ TOOL - Puzzle Box [Fast Forward Production]

"With his roots deep in the Copenhagen DIY music scene, DJ TOOL is a classic example of a DJ that emerges directly from the floor to the booth. His sets are an authentic, well-executed blend of sexy techno and gloomy trance. The sound is old-school, hard and fast but always funky and uplifting and you can definitely hear his punk, metal and noise music upbringing in it."

Hyperaktivist - Try Again [Fast Forward Production]

"Venezuelan born, Berlin-based Hyperaktivist has been shaking the scene in and outside of Berlin with her characteristic and energetic sets, oscillating between faster techno and house with big influence in the 90's and old school tracks. She's a resident and organiser of Mess (Mindful Electronic Sonic Selections), a forward-thinking club night in Berlin with a focus on female and transgender artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, dedicated to the celebration of diversity and supporting DIY club culture around the world."

Hyperaktivist & DJ TOOL (aka Ana Laura and Joachim Palsby) are the co-organizers and resident DJs of the queer party series Mala Junta. Offering an escape and a safe bonding place for the German capital's queer scene, the group highlight the values of inclusivity, support, friendship and community, and feature a diverse music mix of the faster, funkier, grooving old school techno, effortlessly blended with psychedelic trance and breaks. Their ideals for family and community are further instilled by their strict limited capacity events, making Mala Junta one of Berlin’s best kept rave secrets.


Tapefeed Curate Room 2 on 3rd December: Tapefeed B2B Cressida, Cora Novoa (Live), Hyperaktivist B2B DJ TOOL. Tickets below and here.

Tapefeed's forthcoming EP ‘Anterograde’ arrives on 2nd December via @houndstoothlbl.

Check out Tapefeed and Cressida's new mix for Rinse France here.