Tapefeed release new EP 'Anterograde' via Houndstooth

The EP is out now ahead of the duo's curated Room 2 takeover at the club on Saturday 3rd December.

Today is the anticipated release day for our residents Tapefeed, who are putting out their brand new EP Anterograde into the world via our sister-label Houndstooth. All this comes ahead of the pair's curated Room 2 takeover tomorrow evening (Saturday 3rd December) where they will go B2B with Cressida having also invited Cora Novoa for a live set, plus Hyperaktivist and DJ TOOL, who will also play B2B, for the occasion.

"This is possibly the work that translates our music vision the best way, where the tracks go from Uk/bass flavours to more 4/4 drivey techno with “morgana’s dream” a melodic and cinematic tune in between." – Tapefeed

"Anterograde EP sees the duo demonstrate the natural evolution of their sound across 5-tracks combining their influences to best express their sonic vision," reads rhe press release. "Travelling through UK breaks touching on dub, deep experimental and techno, their inspiration roots in the types of sets they have been consistently laying down at fabric as well as the passionate dancers and spot on sound system. Tapefeed do not like to constrain themselves to genres or labels, allowing for the highest level of creative freedom."

"Together with an accumulation of releases on labels Mord, Metempsychosis and Abyss, in 2021 Tapefeed launched their imprint “Inveterate” to focus on the duo’s archetypal sound and vision. Consistent with their anti-establishment attitude that runs through the themes of their own label, the track titles on Anterograde EP emanate a message critiquing modern societal behaviour. Such as ‘Snakes in Suits’ referencing the corporate psychopaths that are running and ruining our world, or ‘The Chosen One’ targeting those IG influences out there, while of course leaving it up to your own imagination."

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