Watch: 33:45 – DjRUM

Digging deep with genre-genius and turntable wizard DjRUM.

Vinyl was the start of the journey for DjRUM. Present from his very first interactions with music, the format and process of digging for records has played a vital role in his musical taste and development. Today, this mastermind on the decks and dedicated digger is a formidable force in the booth and a powerhouse producer. Known for bending genres and taking audiences on eclectic journeys through differing tempos and sonic surprises, he was a natural choice for our next 33:45 create digging feature ahead of his return to the club on Friday 14th July.

For the next edition of our ongoing series, we joined DjRUM at his home studio in Oxford as he takes us through his extensive, surprise-filled, and inducing collection. But there's no vanity here, DjRUM handles his collection with care, honestly and an undeniable affection that speaks to the humble nature of this very naturally talented artist and music-lover.

DjRUM speaks about the ‘tools’ of his productions and sets; tracks that provide the groundwork, that make room for inherent and flexible creativity DjRUM himself has become revered and loved for – like playing techno at the wrong speed. Old school hip-hop, accapellas and ambient tracks made up such ‘tools’, but there's other gems in his boxes too: the first record he ever brought was Issac Hayes' “Hot Buttered Soul”, and an all time favourite is a Congo Natty release. In his possession also lies the iconic and rare dubstep anthem from Digital Mystikz, 'Anti War Dub', making us all very envious.

But don't let us do all the talking. Get stuck in and let DjRUM's words of wisdom take you away.

DjRUM joins Goldie, A Guy Called Gerald, Mantra, Source Direct, NEFFA-T and more this Friday 14th July. Tickets below and here.

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