Weekend Guide: 25hrs curated by Craig Richards

This weekend, as part of our own 25-year celebrations, we’ll embark on a 25-hour journey curated by Craig to celebrate his 25-year residency at the club.

"When I was younger, all those years ago I never imagined having any long-term commitment, let alone a job. My 25-year residency at fabric has never represented either. For the first ten years I played every week, nowadays it’s a few times a year. It’s been quite a residency.

I’m not entirely convinced of luck as a concept but if I was to look at my journey within the brickwork institution that I helped to build, I would have to say I have been lucky. Lucky to have been asked in the beginning, lucky to have lasted this long and lucky to have served such a long apprenticeship in a skill which is an art form the minute you take it seriously.

I continue to learn about music and how to play it. Long may it last. The artists I have invited this year are just a few of what could have been many. They are talents from the past and future. Many are friends and I look forward to celebrating my future with theirs." - CRAIG RICHARDS


  • 24+ Hours of non-stop music at our home in Farringdon
  • Three club rooms of eclectic sounds and staple sets
  • Stuff to sustain you: Pizza available from our in-club Corner Shop, as well as snacks, coffee, hot drinks, and more
  • A space to chill out throughout Sunday with curated music from Matteo Manzini and special guests.


  • All tickets allow re-entry across the Saturday and Sunday
  • Don't miss out on £10 Sunday morning entry tickets
  • Tickets on the door all weekend



For the first time in our 25-year history, we have released a live solo recording by Craig Richards from the club.

“This mix was recorded on the second of December at a Continuum party. I commenced just after five and finished at nine. The heady combination of nostalgia coupled with the past, the future and more importantly my daughter dancing next to me, resulted in a mix that I felt happy with. Historically, I have been very self-critical and have chosen not to release many mixes. Across nearly four hours this one seems to encapsulate the twenty five years of playing at fabric. In 1998 I was invited by Keith Reilly to play weekly at what was an imaginary nightclub. I had no idea that experience would continue for so many years. Playing vinyl on that sound system and mixer is highly exciting and a joy in itself. I am delighted that this has been my method of sonic communication and remain deeply grateful for my ongoing residency.” - Craig Richards


After you've visited our Corner Shop and grabbed your coffee or pizza, you might need somewhere to relax for a bit. Our dedicated chill out space will be available throughout Sunday with curated music from Matteo Manzini and special guests.

Tickets & Re-entry:

  • All tickets for Saturday–Monday’s party come with a re-entry wristband
  • Check your ticket & entry time on your RA ticket
  • Upon re-entry, you will queue and be searched again
  • Please consider that there could be a wait if you arrive during a busy period

Stay safe and look out for each other:

  • Keep hydrated with the Free Water Bar next to the Room 1 bar
  • Make sure to take advantage of re-entry and our chill-out zones if you feel tired
  • Free cup lids are available for drinks - ask at the bar
  • Welfare is located by the Smoking Area
  • Dedicated taxi waiting area and Wi-Fi zone by the exit
  • Check-in with your friends and leave together

fabricfirst Members

  • fabricfirst club and combo members will have their usual door privileges as well as free entry between 7am–10am on Sunday
  • Members can jump the queue with priority access
  • Remember, membership proof is required for the door, and members will still need to wait to enter if the club hits capacity

No Photo Policy:
Get those phone cameras off and enjoy the music.

Check List:

  • Tickets: Remember your ticket if you bought in advance
  • Photo ID: No ID, no entry. Every visitor must have a valid, in-date ID with them to be scanned on arrival. (We are a 19+ venue)
  • Card/Contactless Payment: We are a cashless venue
  • Good vibes, good energy, and the same incredible love you’ve given us these past 24 years

fabric x

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