Wordcolour returns to Houndstooth with ‘Ratios II’ EP

"These explorations have led to me finally making club music that feels fresh and exciting" – Wordcolour

In May of 2023, UK-based electronic musician Wordcolour released Ratios I on Houndstooth, the first in a new series of EPs that lean into the more experimental and playful end of club music. Now he returns to the label with the second instalment, the two-track Ratios II which delves even deeper into this world.  

The Ratios EP series sees Wordcolour turn his creative focus to polyrhythms and microtonality.  Throughout the project, the UK producer turns his hand to creating club music that explores new territory, whilst also staying functional to the floor. The two new tracks featured on Ratios II, are no exception.

At first listen 'Fundamentals' is a peak-time 145bpm organ-house banger. As the track progresses it introduces an infectious microtonal melody which is as catchy as it is unexpected. The middle breakdown gets stranger still with a series of intense microtonal chords tuned to the resonant frequencies of the overtone series. The effect is a dazzling, disorientating series of sounds that steps the track up a gear into the second half. By contrast, 'Mallets' explores the 90/180bpm continuum taking influence from artists such as Amor Satyr and labels like Nervous Horizon.

"Ratios II really focuses on microtonality," says Wordcolour. "I have been experimenting with creating my own scales and tuning systems, and there was one of them in particular that I really fell in love with. Playing it on the keyboard it just felt like this huge, exciting jumping-off point, and both Fundamentals and Mallets came from that place creatively.  But more than being just a nerdy exercise, these kinds of explorations have led to me finally making club music that feels fresh and exciting to me. I really hope people connect with them!"

EP arrives in full on 13th October.

Listen to 'Fundamentals' here.

Wordcolour - Ratios II
Out 13th October

1. Fundamentals
2. Mallets

Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis, London.