A Cuppa With...POIRIER

There’s nothing quite like that Poirier sound. Though ever-evolving and never predictable, Poirier (note that he’s dropped “Ghislain” officially) always manages to craft immense, captivating basslines that slide between his dancehall-soca-electro club jams with effortless dancefloor destruction. Before he takes over Room One with MC Zulu tonight, we pinned him down to find out a bit more about the new name, his new performance partner and riddims…

Why the name change, out of curiousity?
It makes everybody's life easier.

What was it like touring with Daedelus? And South Rakkas? Any funny/random tour stories?
It was really good touring with them, getting to know them better. It's nice because before we just saw each other really fast at gigs and having a conversation in a loud DJ booth is not always the best ! Daedelus and I are going to try to produce some soca/electro stuff together !

How did you first meet MC Zulu? What is it about him as an MC that you appreciate most?
I met MC Zulu through a remix I did for DJ C. I really liked him on it and I was working at that time on my album ‘No Ground Under’ (Ninja Tune). So I got in touch with him and we made the track Go Ballistic. MC Zulu is really efficient, inspired and versatile. He has a great sense of rhythm and does great melodies. We've got way more to do together.

How do you two work together – how do you push/pull each other creatively?
It's a lots of back and forth. He's in Chicago and I'm in Montreal, so basically it's all by phone and email. He's able to record himself so that's really a great thing to help accelerate the creative process. It's a pleasure working with him since he understands very well how a producer works. Sometimes, I give him some rough ideas before he write the lyrics - like the tone it should be. He's preparing an EP and I'm producing all the tracks.

What can we expect from the pair of you this Friday at FABRICLIVE?
A really intense bass-driven set, Caribbean/Electro/Karnival vibe! We've also some new tracks together, for example, one that's gonna be on my next EP ‘Run The Riddim,’ to be released late September. I'm really happy he's coming over to Europe, because I've already played twice at Fabric, but never with an emcee, so that will bring a new dimension and more energy for sure!

Do you make music with the dancefloor in mind?

Yes, now I definitely have the dancefloor in mind. The best thing to do is to DJ your tracks while working on them, so you can see how the dancefloor reacts.

Seeing as how the majority of your music is bass-driven, what are some of your favourite basslines of all time?
Good question! I'm kind of in a phase of "Sleng Teng" bassline right now. A new riddim called "Sleng Teng Refuelled" has just been released and I like it. Also, Barrington Levy's “Broader Than Broadway” is classic !

Who/what inspires you, beyond music?

My neighbors kids (3 and 6 years old) inspire me, they are so funny! I take breaks and go play with them when they get back from school. They tried recently to come to one of my outdoor and early gigs, but there were way too many people and their parents decided not to go into the dense crowd.  The kids were crying because they really wanted to see me -"Mom, you promised us! You lied! We want to see him playing!" Well, we have another rendezvous on August 1st and I will put them on stage to dance in front of the crowd. I can't wait for it!


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