El-B presents 'Ghost Chaser': A Sampler

El-B joins a tirade of heavyweight game players in Room 3 this Friday; a selection of artists (Horsepower Productions, Oris Jay and Seiji) who have each had a defining hand in the music you’ll hear on our dancefloors week in week out.

After forging his darker more menacing garage sound - an obvious and traceable influence on the dubstep sound your hear today - El’s prominence was epitomised on the ‘Roots of El-B’ album for Tempa back in February of 2009. Resurging of late with his ‘Nu Levels’ project he’s releasing an album simply called ‘Ghost Chaser,’ a sampler of which you can check out below, either on Mixcloud or as a direct download via sendspace.


1. El – B & Roxy – Deep Deep Love
2. El-B feat. Rolla – Lyrical Tempo
3. El-B - Romp
4. The Thirst - Could It Be Real (El-B Remix)
5. Sovereign feat. Jah Mirikal - Dubwise (El-B Remix)
6. Caski - Lunatic Dead
7. El-B feat. Deesim - Hey Boy
8. El-B & DJ Raggs - She's A Ghost
9. JCS feat. Patsy Fuller - Undecided (Wr1ng Remix) El-B Edit
10. El-B - Autobots
11. Roxy & El-b - Set Da Trend
12. 2nd 2 None feat. DJ Raggs - Pressure (El-B Edit)
13. El-B - Money Walk

Friday 14th January

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