Ulterior Motvie - FABRICLIVE x Ram x Subtitles Mix

When we spoke to Bournemouth based duo Ulterior Motive back in July of 2010 alot of people were looking at them. It’s a testament to the quality of their productions that now, nearly two years later, all those eyes are still carefully trained on them and the music they’re making. Working closely with TeeBee’s Subtitles label the duo have really put in the work releasing an array of original productions including this year’s ‘It’s On’, which features the vocal talents of Codebreaker who we featured recently helming Xtrah’s Critical Sound promo mix.

Along with recent scene stealing tracks like ‘Marka’, ‘It’s On’ utilizes a live vocal incredibly well, using the rhymes as a bridge and a further layer to the track's mix but what’s really notable is the tone of Codebreaker’s vocal – whether it’s been heavily filtered or not is unclear but like Ulterior Motive reveal in this short video interview, they’d been searching for the right kind of voice for a while...

The duo are returning here to play in the Subtitles room at RAM a week on Friday and ahead of the appearance they’ve put together this thirty minute mix which, by the sound of it, hints at a truck load of good things to come...

Download: Ulterior Motvie - FABRICLIVE x Ram x Subtitles Mix

No tracklist given.

Catch Ulterior Motive in the Subtitles hosted Room Three next Friday at RAM.

Photo: Rod Lewis

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