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Laurence Guy picks his favourite end of night cuts

Laurence Guy is a connoisseur of late night and early morning euphoria. His first release came via Monologues Records back in 2015, and over the last few years he’s continued to hone his own hallmark sound. His brand of house borrows from the ever-popular lo-fi style doing the rounds these days, but it’s easy to hear how he’s been influenced by jazz, downtempo and 90s rave tunes. Following the release of his debut album on Church in 2017 he refined his approach, and has recently returned with the dryly-named Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteem EP on the treasured Studio Barnhus label. The release might also be his most audacious selection of tunes, from the wonky feedback-laden sounds of My Brain Is A Scrambled Egg to the jazzy jungle rhythms of Are You Fine? Much like his own productions, his selections behind the decks draw from a massively mixed bag, appealing to both the 6am stragglers in the club and the daytime listeners (with an ongoing Rinse FM residency, Guy has plenty). His Forms appearance on 2nd August is his Farringdon debut, with Karizma, Adryiano & Harrison BDP and Michael James all lined for One Night Stand’s takeover. In anticipation of the night, he curated a selection of his favourite end of night cuts, telling us:

“Playing the last track of the night, for me, is always a massive joy and privilege. It’s a chance to round things off in a way that gives people a lasting memory of the night. It’s an opportunity to play something completely different, slower, faster (I guess), more leftfield, more emotional or even cheesy. Most of my favourite clubbing memories are of the last tune (DJ Harvey closing out Barbarella's Discotheque with The Bee Gees as the sun came up being a prime example). With that in mind, here are a few of my favourite end of night tracks…”

Orange Juice – Rip It Up [Polydor]

A classic “semi-recognisable, but not enough to be cheesy” 80s pop banger to get everyone feeling loved up before they leave the club.

Mandre – Solar Flight (Opus 1) [Motown]

I have a bootleg version of this on a vinyl series called Loft Classics. It’s super long and super fast, I generally play it at -6/8 and always let it run all the way through. The second breakdown drops into a completely over the top synth solo with a half-time drum beat that makes me want to bang my head clean off.

B.A.M Edits – Missing You [Unreleased]

An absolutely outrageous edit of Robert Cotter “Missing You”. Huge piano, huge bassline, huge lyrics, huge tune.

Art Of Noise – Moments In Love [ZTT]

A great one if you want to take things more leftfield, or maybe you’re closing out an outdoor venue and the sun’s coming up. A slow, beautiful track that just keeps opening up all the way through. Guaranteed to reduce at least three people to tears or your money back.

Joe Bataan – Cycles of You [Vampi Soul]

Generally for me, the last tune of the night should be a combination of a few things. It needs to be something a bit different to what’s come before, it needs to be a joyful end to a good party and it needs to have some emotional pull to stick in people’s minds. This one from Joe Bataan has all of this and is the perfect bitter-sweet night ender for me.

Friday 2nd August

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