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Monkey Safari bring sunshine back into the club

Lars Rühlemann and Sven Fröhlich have an isolated approach to electronic music. The records they release together as Monkey Safari are a constant pursuit of house’s summery side, where chords and grooves are left practically dripping in melody. Though every one of their releases carries these hallmarks, the best example of this style is probably Odyssey, the duo’s landmark LP released through their Hommage label. Rühlemann and Fröhlich have been using Hommage to put out records from their modest Halle hometown since 2013, but with a packed touring schedule covering the full span of Europe, these days the pair are just as busy outside of Germany. In our latest Crate Diggin’ feature, they selected a list of sunny house records to prep us for their EC1 debut at Forms next weekend.

D.M. – You Will Be Free [BKS]

Avidus, a friends of ours from Kiel, Germany, founded BKS which is a vinyl only sub label of their Empore imprint. This is the first release, and is perfectly chilled for us. Brace yourself for deep groovy summer days from Dominik Marz!

Passarani – Wonky Wonky Wonky [Numbers.]

We were both born in the 80s, and we still feel deeply in our hearts that it was the greatest decade ever. All of the positive vibes in the music and fashion industry were awesome. The 80s was also the most experimental period in many ways. The artists and designers of the time developed so many new, interesting, brave, arty ideas that were copied across music, fashion in design in the years that followed. There were many good copies, but they were copies. Wonky Wonky Wonky reminds me of this. Italo disco is back.

Bicep – Opal (Four Tet Remix) [Ninja Tune]

Of course, neither Bicep nor Four Tet need any introduction. They’re just great. We love the easy way they work on music with such impressive output. This remix will just be an emotional anthem for years. The track starts and speaks to you: Come on, take my hand, my heart, my mind and let’s fly… together!

Folamour – Ya Just Need 2 Believe in Yaself [Not On Label]

For us, Folamour is one of the best house artists in the whole circus at the moment. Every release is awesome, full of sense. Especially this track!

Ricardo Villalobos – Waiworinao [Playhouse]

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love Ricardo and those who don't. We’re among the lovers! Waiworinao is one of his chilled works, and has been a must-have on the sunny dancefloors of the world for years now.

Rone – Parade (Dominik Eulberg Remix) [Infiné]

Dominik Eulberg is one of the best, and perhaps most underrated, artists in our scene. His own special sense of melodies and emotions is really unique. Dominik's music is made for really big, organic floors, and to take the crowd on a journey of love and nature. That’s what music should do: spread love and bring people together.

Dr. Motte and Westbam – Sunshine [Low Spirit]

Cheese classic deluxe!

Friday 15th March

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