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Steve Lawler selects a list of 90s gems to inspire the new generation

Legendary DJ and producer Steve Lawler is set to return to Room One on 3rd August for Eastern Electrics’ official Afters session. Having started his career back in the early 90s organising legendary raves beneath the M42 motorway, to holding down residencies in some of Ibiza’s best clubs, Steve Lawler has repeatedly proven himself to be one of the most passionate and talented DJs in electronic music. His sets predominantly cover house and techno, though he would rather not be pigeonholed into genres, taking inspiration from a range of styles spanning house, electronica and more. His own records have dropped through established powerhouses like Drumcode, R&S Records, Cocoon and Harthouse, and behind the booth, he remains an unparalleled force. Ahead of his return to Farringdon, he sent us a list of killer 90s records to inspire today’s wave of young DJs, telling us:

“My track selection is not just of old tracks that influenced and inspired me, but also music that can now translate to the new breed. I’m well-known for staying relevant, and this is because I’m always looking for new, but always referencing history. Here is a selection of tunes to inspire the new generation.”

The Melody – I Want Your Love [See Saw]

One of my early memories of going raving was at Shelly’s in Stoke, just when the raves started to happen in clubs and venues after the whole rave bill was passed in 1990, stopping large groups of people getting together in fields and dancing. DJs like Graham Park, John DaSilva, Sasha, Digweed, even Judge Jules and John Kelly played this back then. It still sounds fresh today, and could easily translate to the new breed.

Toxic Two – Rave Generator [Dancefloor]

Without a doubt, this would work well on today’s dancefloors. Around this time so many records were using the same synth, but this release does it to great effect. This was a big favourite of classic nights like Back2Basics in Leeds.

Ital Rockers – Ital’s Anthem (Trebledown-Bassup Mix) [Bassic]

Without a doubt, one of my favourite tracks from that bleep-filled house time. This was the rave tune back then, following convoys to raves in fields and disused warehouses. You would always hear this on the speakers. What a record. Still today, just WOW.

2 Men From Jersey – I'll Be There [Bass Boy]

When house was just house, before it was called deep house! I had to buy two copies of this back then as I played it so much through the 90s. I was scared I would lose it or it would scratch. This track will still light up any floor. I played this the last time I played at fabric and the place went NUTS. It just shows you, you gotta dig deep and earn your way. Don’t just play what comes into your Dropbox. DIG DEEP – it’s out there waiting to ignite any floor. But especially fabric’s.

Real Touch Concept – Chunks Of Funk [100%]

Again, all of these have been in my sets recently, and should never be forgotten. Whether you take inspiration from these, play them again or even get sampling, this is what house music is about. We have an abundant history that needs to be celebrated and brought to the new generations. I hope my five tracks light a fire in someone to go out there and find the treasures of our beautiful past.

Saturday 3rd August

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