Tomoki Tamura Closing Set at WOMB, Tokyo

Tomoki Tamura has made a name for himself over the years through the trans-atlantic impact his innovative, London based, Holic party, has had on people. Through inviting guests of legendary status such as Mike Huckaby and Juan Atkins to small spaces here in the capital and via his residency at WOMB, one of Japan’s most venerable night clubs, Tamura’s become known for his programming and hybrid sets of house and techno.

Noting that the DJ booths here feel more comfortable than his own bedroom, he’s gearing up to return to Room Three this Saturday night for the WOMB Tokyo takeover so we thought we'd leave you with a seamless snippet of his six hour closing set at WOMB from earlier in the year alongside his thoughts on how the night really went.

”It was a dream come true to have the last set at WOMB in February. I totally enjoyed my 6 hour set (actually it was 6.5 hours set) and I didn't even go to the toilet once - no wonder why, I was just in the right mood. Audiences at WOMB are well-educated with techno, minimal and tech house sounds. As you can see a lot of top techno DJs go and play at WOMB every month and they all would love to go back. People there are also open to all sorts of quality music - new and old. I played some classic house and disco sounds at the end of my set on the night, seeing the audiences smiling and raising their hands getting into the sound that I play. I hope I could feel that again very soon.

“Last time I played a fabric was for Holic in Room Three in November, and it was just a superb night with Tuccillo, Tom Trago and Lookleft&Bearight. fabric always makes sure that all the artists are 100% happy and ready to play, so we can also do the best performance for audiences. Also the DJ booth at fabric is much more comfortable than my own bedroom!

“The first time I met the WOMB crew was at The End club in the West end of London. I was introduced to the manager and that was the last time that WOMB traveled to London. Techrider from WOMB played in the main room alongside with Layo & Bushwacka! I played as a support DJ in the second room on the night because back in the day, Holic used have regular slot at AKA. It's so exciting to welcome them back to the UK and working together again here in London. WOMB is now my home club in Tokyo since Holic started hosting a night there for couple of years now.”


Saturday 15th June

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