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10 Years Of Ricardo Villalobos

It's hard enough to remember what you had for dinner last week, let alone that pumping acid-y techno number you heard howling from our Martin Audio system some time around 7am the other weekend. We've all been there, fruitlessly trying to piece together the ominous drum arrangements of that standout track to the point where you'd do the night all over again in a heart beat just to get back those heavy ten minutes of excellence. We find this happens most often at the hands of one Chilean man in particular, who has relentlessly left us yearning to relive his gushing torrent of undiscovered gems here at Farringdon, Ricardo Villalobos.

So in the ramp up to the second part of Ricardo's ten year anniversary parties, which we are etching ever closer to this coming Saturday, the fabric office has knocked heads using up all their collective brain power to create this retrospective playlist of just some of the tracks we remember him playing during his decade long reign here.

We hope you enjoy them and invite all the Ricardo experts out there to add their suggestions to the list and capture as many of the big man's sonic downpours as possible, just comment on our Facebook thread here.

STREAM: fabric Office Playlist: 10 Years Of Ricardo Villalobos

Star Wars- The Imperial March
Lil Louis – French Kiss
Ricardo Villalobos - BOSCH
Chez Damier – You Aint Dancing
Boo Williams - Mortal Trance
Bernard Badie – I Can Feel It
Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter
Mark The 909 King – Can You Dig It
Federico Molinari – La Divina Comedia
Global Communications 1994 Classic Album 76:14
Pacha - One Kiss (F.0.S One Remix)

For more info and tickets for this night visit our event listings.

Saturday 27th April

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