YouTube Digging with DJ Haus of Hot City

Two weeks this Friday is the 22nd April. A date you should keep in you diary for a few reasons; namely because we have a 2002 Grime set from Slimzee - a DJ constantly referred to as one of the best grime DJs of all time by publications like FACT magazine – and we welcome EPMD’s DJ, DJ Scratch up top for The Doctor’s Orders but also because it marks the return of one of the dancefloor’s most reckless acts, Hot City.

With a new EP just out on Moshi Moshi, a prelude to an album on the same label, the duo joins people like Night Slugs L-Vis1990, Rinse FM’s Braiden and Hyperdub songstress Cooly G on the bill for Room Two, so in anticipation we asked DJ Haus to go YouTube digging for us, something it seems he’s been doing himself for a while now through his own YouTube channel, DaAutopsy.

“I used to listen to all my tunes at work streamed from my myspace,” Haus tells us jovially; “but since no one has logged in to myspace for a year or so I now find myself on YouTube all the time. I listen to it on my phone and on the train everyday so I decided to set up a channel to post tunes from my record collection that I was surprised to see weren’t already online. This has led me to post up some of my mates’ tracks and then other people started donating tunes for me to post so it's taken off from there really...”

“I’ve put all the tunes in this chart into a playlist so they will stream like a mixtape and then all the readers can check it on your phone, laptop or whatever really. Just no bluetooth..."

STREAM: DJ Haus x DaAutopsy – FABRICLIVE YouTube Mixtape

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Footcrab Remix

A little exclusive I got off Rashad for my channel when we got him over for our Unknown To The Unknown Boiler Room takeover. I’ve been bopping to this for weeks on the tube and there are a few more Rashad bangers on my channel too, so you so go check them as well...

Unknown To The Unknown - Mystery Dragon Feat Alias G

This is a track I’m putting out with the legendary Vern English AKA Alias G on vocals. He's a known associate of Marcus Mixx who is a big influence on Hot City and Unknown To The Unknown. You can check out his you tube channel here:

Society 87- 93 Mini Mix

This is a YouTube mix I did for an Acid House Warehouse party show me and Markus played a few weeks back… the video features some holiday snaps from when we hit Ibiza last year and it has loads of tunes from 1987 – 1993. It's funny that a lot of these tunes sound ahead of their time; the production is more unique than a lot of music released these days.

Ross Young Feat R.B - Smooth Operator

This one's a big one for me, and recently I’ve been bang into spending a lot on designer gear: Stone Island, APC, Bathing Ape, Cassette Playa etc. This tune prompted me to stop spending so much time at Uniqlo! It’s always a big tune in the Hot City sets too plus Markus knows all the words.

DJ Q Feat Louise WIlliams - Over Me

ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE. What can I say…? DJ Q doing it on a different flex - fully beaming daytime vibes with no mistakes... Seems like a lot of dubstep and bassline is getting more electro these days but not in a Cheap Thrills kind of way but more in an Egyptian Lover kind of way, which is a really fresh sound I think.

Zomby - Spliff Dub (Original)

I'll probably get an irate message telling me to take this down after posting this, but no worries… It’s hard to believe this got so big off a remix by Rustie when the original is sooooo much better. It’s like warehouse dubstep, I love it. Rustie is big obviously but the original is the one that seems to be slept on... but this doesn't seem to be anywhere… I guess there's a reason for that though!

Toddla T - Take It Back (The 2 Bears Remix)

Okay, okay, I should stop banging on about how many exclusives I have on my channel, but damn, HAVE YOU HEARD THIS REMIX? It’s dope, and I don’t like using that word really, but there's no other way I can really put it into words... their production on the old skool house drums is mint. I’m trying to steal the Raf Daddy away and get him on some of my tracks, but Joe is being selfish and keeping him all to himself :(

Dem 2 - Deep Again

This is brand spanking new Dem 2!! (and yes, it is another exclooo [yawn]). I met Dean at Days Like That last year,he’s a proper G, even though he charges an arm and a leg for a remix… He told me he was about to release some new tunes and they are hot… They sound kind of like a Boddika take on the old Dem 2 sound. Plus, Hayley Keeley for the win!

Dekishi - Enters The Unknown

I found out about Dekishi from Oli Gang's post on the Mix Pak blog a few weeks ago. I got right on it dropped him a mail and he was up for vocalling ‘Assassin’ which you have here... The full story on that + a free 320 MP3 of the track is up here on Sinden’s blog.

This was just before all the bad shit happened in Japan, but Dekishi is okay, so that's great.

DJ Deller - Nobody Does It Better

This track was the one I got loads of messages about after the FACT mix dropped… Nate Dogg (RIP) in his element! I was even bothered enough to run this through my mastering rack as the vinyl rip was so fucked… it sounds good now though!

P45 - Cockroach

I'm not a huge dubstep fan but this is a belter, really nice Shackleton meets old ragga vibes; the perfect soundtrack to any morning I reckon. P45 has recently changed his name but me and my friends love the name P45 so much I decided to post it under that name!

KMA Productions - Cape Fear

OOOOOOOIIIIIII!!!!! There’s not so much to say about this one really. A weighty number as Sonic Router so rightly described it recently…

Friday 22nd April

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