On The Move – Tapefeed

Taking control of the next edition of our On The Move playlist, is our very own resident duo Tapefeed.

Made up of Rick Vayo and Alessandro Boni, Tapefeed are quickly becoming one of the staple names in the London techno circuit. Since meeting in London in 2014 and forming their creative collaboration out of a shared love of heavy metal and electronica, Rick and Alessandro have successfully pooled their passion for their aligned sound. Though both DJing, local club residences and producing hard-as-nails techno, their profile has imploded on a local level and beyond.

After joining our residency programme following our post-lockdown reopening in 2021, Tapefeed have slammed out sets here in EC1 on numerous occasions including our 24+ hour party Continuum, and their very first All Night Long in July. 2021 marked another milestone for the pair, who launched their label Inveterate with a debut EP on the label ‘Revolving Door’. All this, along with memorable sets and streams for the likes of HOR Berlin and a recent US tour, have solidified their respected identity in the scene.

Their next outing here at the club welcomes the pair back for Junction 2 Inner City By Night (28th August), where they’ll play alongside Dax J, Karenn (Blawan & Pariah) [Live], Manni Dee, Stephanie Sykes and more. Following suit, they also join us later in the year for our birthday and a curated Room 2 showcase on 3rd December where they’ll go B2B with Berlin-based, UK-born DJ/producer Cressida, with Cora Novoa (Live) and Hyperaktivist B2B DJ TOOL rounding off the hand-selected line-up.

Ahead of time Rick and Alessandro have also curated us a playlist. And their 10 tracks cover some different ground, set to reflect the music Tapefeed listen to when they’re not hammering techno in their sets. Spanning some more chilled, downtempo and instrumental textures, as well as some more hybrid and hard-hitting stuff – including the latest release on Inveterate. Discover what Tapefeed tune into when they’re travelling – plug in below.

Rick's picks:

“Most of the times I listen to music when I’m not selecting tunes to play it’s still work-related in the sense that I may be listening to music that is inspiring from an artistic, production or technical point of view that can potentially trigger my own inspiration to be creative and start producing, or that I can learn from. This can be loads of different genres, it absolutely doesn’t have to be house/techno or something electronic. What genre is going to be really depends on the moment :) same for when I’m relaxing.”


Absolutely huge tune from this incredible talent. Love the way he merges different genres resulting in a very unique signature sound. The artistic and emotional depth of this 6:45 min journey is pretty outstanding. Keep an eye (and ear) out for this dude. 

On Man ft. F-M-M-F – DArks

I mean, I would have actually only chosen tracks from this whole album for this feature lol. What a masterpiece, been listening to it all every day since it came out. But if I have to choose a tune, today is this one :) Album of the year, 100%. 

K-Hand – Project 5 – Untitled B1

I actually do listen to dance tunes all the time and have been digging this one a lot recently. I’m obsessed with the use of vocal chops in productions and K-Hand was just too good at it. 

Sha Ru – VOID

Latest release on our very own Inveterate Rec. Sha Ru are some of my favourite DJs and producers and if you listen to this track you’ll understand why. It’s an honour to have them on board. 

Viagra Boys – Sports

F%$k the system. 

Alessandro's picks:

“For work I have to listen to a lot of Club Dance music which is great as I discover a lot of music that I can use for our sets. When I’m home I like to detach myself from all of it so I listen to cozy soft, electronic music, very atmospheric, and more funky stuff when I’m cooking (which is another great passion). I also listen to more rithmic stuff for quick transitions , like going to work, or walking around the city. When travelling for gigs I usually don’t listen to anything just to zone out and rest my ears before or after the show.

Andy Stott ft. Alison Skidmore - Don’t Know How

I listen to this track quite a lot, mainly because it is the first track of one of my favourite playlists. It’s one of those tracks that are perfect for any moment of the day and for any context. When I listen to it, it makes everything more pleasant - I “don’t know how “ lol. I never get bored of this track and most of the other tracks from this masterpiece album by Andy Stott.

SKV18 – Vibration

This very unknown producer from Sweden who stole my heart many years ago with a fantastic EP on Hidden Hawaii called Nautil 3/3. I’m pretty obsessed with the sound design and the dub atmosphere they create. This is their only track on Spotify - I invite you to go and listen to their music on other platforms. 

Peace Orchestra – Double Drums

I’m in love with this track by Peter Kruder’s solo project "Peace Orchestra". It always puts me in a good mood. Each instrument and sound that gets added every 34 bars is so well mixed and elements sit so well with each other. I’m also fascinated by how he uses classic instruments together with electronic instruments. So vibey and groovy all the time!

Simo Cell, Abdullah Miniawy – Caged in Aly’s Body

Simo Cell is definitely one of the best DJs and producers in the game. I’ve been listening to this track quite a lot lately and we’ve been playing it in some of our latest warm up sets. It’s so good! Those trumpets give such a unique atmosphere to the track that it creates energy outside and inside the dancefloor. 

Lamb - God Bless

This is my favourite track from the debut album of Lamb, which is actually one of my favourites. I listen to it so much! I love Lou Rhodes’s iconic voice on these sick breaks and melodies. It's crazy to think that this album is from 1996 and it still sounds so fresh and inspiring! It keeps giving me goosebumps every time.

Tapefeed play Junction 2 Inner City: By Night on 28th August with Dax J, Stephanie Sykes, Manni Dee and more. Tickets below and here.

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