Red Axes unveil details of live tour and new album on fabric Originals

'One More City' will arrive on 27th October with the album's latest single out now.

Red Axes caused quite a stir recently with their provocative hit 'Hey' featuring A.lonzo out on fabric Originals. Now, they finally reveal all, unveiling plans for a full album on the label titled 'One More City' as well as a forthcoming live tour, of which the London leg will take them back, of course, to fabric.

This eclectic electronic duo are celebrated for their boundary-pushing approach to electronic music and their willingness to experiment with a pallet of different sounds. Red Axes mark the news of their new album now with the release of rollicking lead single and video ‘Kid Caffeine’ Ft. Clams (lead vocalist of post-punk band, Warmduscher). “It’s a story that follows the twist in the life of the man who chases his own tail from city to city hoping to find the essence of life which is fame," the pair say, "We had the honour to work with the wonderful creature Clams, who wrote and sang this song.”


Comprised of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, Tel Aviv based Red Axes are informed by post-punk, new wave, and a plethora of club sounds old and new. Made and mixed at home in Israel, One More City a return to the rootedness of picking up instruments and jamming together. "When you're older," says Dori, "it's harder to regain that certainty you had in your youth. But when we hold a guitar or a bass, that's when we get back to that safe place, that's when we get our confidence again." And it absolutely shows: this is a record crackling with energy, mischief, pleasure and an understanding of how all the parts of the band's history fit together. Goth, new wave, techno, disco, minimalism - and, as Niv says, "this cheesy, glammy side too, we can't escape that!"

The album's tone is set by tracks like today’s tense, bouncing-on-the-balls-of-its feet track ‘Kid Caffeine’, a dubwise acid rockabilly groove with Clams’s narration both comical and sinister, and previous single ‘HEY’, where a Funky Drummer breakbeat gives way to hi-NRG basslines, scratch guitars and out of control cowbell with A.Lonzo somehow fusing Tom Waits and Gibby Haynes in the midst of it all.

Red Axes will be touring the album in November across the UK and Europe, opening with a landmark show here at fabric on 2nd November. Tickets here.


Red Axes: One More City


1. Kid Caffeine ft. Clams (out now)
2.  High Speed ft. Fantastic Twins 
3. HEY ft. A.Lonzo (out now)
4. Goodbye Mary
5. Out Of My Head ft. Autarkic
6. Outside In
7. Marshmallow ft. Adi Scotheque & JANSET
8. Beast ft. Echo
9. Bring It On ft. Cole Alexander
10. All Over Again ft. Justin Strauss
11. In The Eyes
12. Here In The Sky